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Stockinger safes protect what you love, providing unbeatable security for your belongings and peace of mind for you - for your home, on board your superyacht or any other place where you need to keep special items safe.

Whenever we develop a new safe, we have a clear aim: To build the world's best safe. Uncompromising security; perfect craftsmanship; totally individual exterior and interior design. Masterpieces for people that are only satisfied by the best.

All over the world, demanding collectors entrust our safes with their most valuable pieces. And deservedly so.

Because thanks to their unique construction, armoring and the patented locking system, Stockinger safes fulfill the highest requirements. The security classifications correspond to that of banks. The result: No Stockinger safe (VDS III/IV/V) could ever be opened by force. And we will do anything to keep it that way.

Products and services

Offering eight different styles of safes, including bespoke safes and safe rooms, for personal and hotel usage, each one of our safes is designed and hand-created from start to finish.

We’ve taken the unsightly safes and lockboxes in homes, hotels, and businesses and transformed them with elements of exterior and interior design to create a unique piece that compliments a room while providing impeccable security.


The compact luxury safe.

As an elegant solution for medium-sized collections of watches and jewelry, the safe Sirius harmonically integrates into dressing rooms and bedrooms. The control panel attached to the upper ensures comfortable operation.

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A gorgeous safe.

For many, the Chimera is the epitome of a private safe – impressive and representative. At up to 16 individually designed drawers, it offers generous space for watches and jewelry and for documents, cash and other valuables.

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Highest precision for your Haute Horlogerie.

Collectors of top-notch automatic watches know that the best watch speeds can only be achieved if the barrel tension is always in the optimum range. But this is exactly what differs between models.
The Beluwo® technology - protected by the German Patent and Trademark Office - guarantees technical perfection and uttermost comfort: Each drum has its own precision motor and can be programmed individually to move your watches independently.

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